• Where Are You From?

    By using practical topics involving almost all areas of daily life in China including dining, clothing, housing, transportation, expending, public affairs, social conversations, entertainment and so on.

  • Busier Than Ever

    Chinese characters courseware of mandaringarden includesstandard pronunciation, commonly used to explain, stroke order, practicalvocabulary and vocabulary explanation, using sentence (part with illustrations help memory and comprehension)

  • Sisters & Brothers

    To teach practical spoken mandarin, we make use of basic conversation covering different topics. Classes are conducted in classroom style by native teachers. The course material makes use of animated cartoons with text.

  • Family&Parents

    It is rich in contents, and types of exercises are multiple and novel. Students can interactively practice online through the devices. It is strongly interactive and it greatly improves the old inflexible form of online class with interesting and cultural trait.